What is the budget for the funds from this levy?

    There is intentionally not a specific budget yet for the levy because we recognize the programs considered for funding today may not meet all future needs. We also recognize we need to be flexible based on what other resources might become available, such as grants or federal funding. We can share the current and anticipated annual costs of some of the current programs being considered: 


    Mobile Crisis Response: $300,000

    Temporary Safe Outdoor Space: $280,000 

    Emergency Winter Shelter: $750,000

    Crisis Receiving Center: anticipated $500,000

    Crime Victims Advocates: $280,000

    Jail Mental Health Team: $500,000

    Trinity Navigation Center: $500,000 to $1 million

    Who else are the City and County partnering with to make sure this ballot measure is effective?

    The City and County have committed to working with partners like Partnership Health Center, United Way, Hope Rescue Mission and others to make sure that we review programs and adapt them to best meet the needs of the community. We will also be asking those who provide services to share metrics on what success looks like to make sure that any funds spent are achieving the goals of the programs.